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Friday, March 30, 2007
  Property: Large Development Site
The development site is located on the Av. Infante Sagres in Quarteira and is positioned
on the beachfront only 50 metres from the sea.

This is undoubtedly one of the best areas in all of Quarteira and presents a rare opportunity to acquire a superb site with excellent development potential in a primelocation.

Seldom does a property development opportunity like this come onto the market in this busy thriving town.

Quarteira is only 20 minutes from Faro airport and only 1 Km from the well-known Vilamoura resort. It is a busy market town and has numerous shops, restaurants and commercial premises.
There is a local fish and fruit market nearby as well as a market day on Wednesdays.

The Camera ( city council ) has given official permission to demolish the existing
building and the construction of a five-story building, 4 floors of eleven apartments
with a retail or commercial area on the ground floor and an additional underground
basement with parking spaces.

South Facade Total 7 apts:
•One T2 per floor and one T1
•One T3 on the top floor
North Facade Total 4 apts:
•One T2 per floor
•One T1 on the top Floor

The total construction area extends to 1,336 sq. Metres.
There is na alternative plan for eight apartments , instead of 7 apartments that can be replaced by 4 T3 aptartments ( one per floor )
The ground floor retail area is perfect for all kind of commercial activities due to its large size, rare in that area, such as for a Restaurant, Fast food, Steak House, Sea food,Pastel area, Furniture and Decoration stores, etc.

Basement/ Garage: 358 sq. metres (3853 sq. ft.)
Retail/ Commercial at street level 353 sq. metres (3799 sq. ft.)
Apartments on upper 4 floors 983 sq. metres (6727 sq. ft.)
TOTAL AREA 1.336 sq. metres (14,379 sq

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
  Property: The Stone House

This exclusive property in Portugal is located at the highest point in the Algarvean hillside (Serra do Algarve) and yet, it's only 10 minutes away from the nearest beach, in Vilamoura.

It is blessed with amazing panoramic views over the sea in a quiet, calm and totally integrated in the natural environment of the Serra.

This property includes a 4.000m2 lawn garden area and a 400m2 house
with a detached bungalow/ apartment made out of stone walls.

We can find stones slabs everywhere, on walls, fountain, on the water
cascade, garden and surrounding the property as a delimiter.


• Sauna - 6 people, chromotheraphy,
bathrooms, shower-spa & storage.
• Air conditioning - All the house areas.
• Heated floor.
• 2 Water heaters with capacity for 600
litres for 70ºc.
• Laundry - Washing machine,
SIEMENS dryer, storage & sink.
• Main Gate - Electrical, remote control
and video entry system.
• 2 Service manual access gates.
• 2 Cars shed.
• Natural water hole and water
reservoir for 20.000 litres.
• Water treatment plant.
• Satellite dish.
• Mediterranean style garden that
covers the total property area.
• Stone water fountain.
• Swimming pool - 15m x 5m w/overflow,
jacuzzi for 4/6 people, water heating
pump, preinstallation of electric
coverage for the swimming pool,
preinstallation water heating pump.
• Shed - barbecue & open kitchen.
• Fifteen spot lights on surrounding
wall of property..

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  I’m about to buy a property. How much will I pay in IMT taxes?

This must be one of the top doubts in most people minds upon buying a house. Allow me to give you a little help on that. Here’s the IMT table for 2007, for continental Portugal.

I know it looks a bit confusing at first sight (especially in Portuguese…didn’t have it in English, I apologise) but it’s really simple. Let me explain:

If you’re buying a home to live full time, you want to look at the first, top table. Other than that, refer to the second table.

Now, an example to do the math:
I’m buying a holiday apartment that cost me, let’s say, 200.000€.
I refer to the second table and to the fourth line, that covers properties from 159.800,00€ to 266.400,00€.
I use the corresponding percentage, in this case 7%, and I multiply the price of the property with it. So:
200.000,00€ X 7% = 14.000,00€

I grab this value, and subtract the number on the right of the table, in this case 7.567,01€:
14.000,00€ - 7.567,01€: = 6432,99€ …And there you go; this is the number your check to finances must carry.

Rural land will always pay straight away 5% IMT.
Any other type of property (ex; shop, warehouse, etc) will pay 6,5% of the value.
If you buying thru an ‘Off-shore', or if your residence is in a country with more favourable fiscal rules, IMT will always be 8%.
No numbers to subtract in this last three cases.

Pretty simple!
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
  Property: Under-construction Condo in Vilamoura.

2 detached Villas, 10 townhouses, 24 2-bedroom apartments and 8 1-bedroom apartments, facing one of the Golf’s in Vilamoura. Close to 10.000 m2 of construction. Why is this a good business?

Well…you go ahead and try to find a plot of land to built such a luxury, private condominium on the Golf course, in Vilamoura.
Let me save you some time; at the moment, this might be the only one available.
The property is delivered as it is, in final stage of construction.
The expected return on investment in this business, after all finishing works, will be somewhere around 30%.
Want to know more?

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Monday, December 18, 2006
  Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - video powered by Metacafe
I Wish all the viewers and friends, family and loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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Thursday, November 30, 2006
  Property: Lovely one bedroom Villa in Vilamoura
Here’s a proof that there’s enough good business out there for every pocket!
This gorgeous villa as been completely redone, from top to bottom, from electricity to piping, floor’s, ceiling’s, timber, nothing was left behind.
The result is a beautiful property, ideal for a single person or a couple just starting life together, as the place is being sold totally furnished and equipped with brand new appliances, TV and 2 brand new air-conditioning.
Also featuring in this house is a nice patio, facing south, where one can enjoy a nice summer meal.
The property is located on a private condominium with private parking, gardens and pool. Condominium fees? 350€ per year with water included.
One the other hand, if you’re an investor looking for a quick flip, this is it! The original asking price was 138.000€, now reduced for 125.000€ for a quick sale (Who knows if you can still get something out of it?).
If you looking for a property with great rental potential and great appreciation potential… look no further, here you have it!

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Monday, October 30, 2006
  It’s hunting season!!

I tell you what! It’s been a while seen I last posted, but the market as been giving clear signs of rising, and I like to ride the wave while it’s big.

This is another one of those times when “everybody” is looking for a great buy. And because there’s so much offer on the market, people are usually able to negotiate a great win/win deal…well, at least those people it the nerve to make offers, or the people working with a experienced real estate agent.

Yes, businesses are happening as we speak. Business that, in time, will show surprising returns, and I’m not talking only multi-million businesses. There’s enough for every pocket out there! You’ll first run out of money, than the market runs out of opportunities.

‘Ye, Right!’ You must be thinking! Ok, I give an example, for those not afraid to invest a little more, with minimum risk and huge returns:
See that picture on the left? These plots highlighted in red and numbered are just been released for sale. Half’s already been sold. Why?!
The picture you see is located exactly in the heart of “Cidade Lacustre” in Vilamoura.

“Cidade Lacustre”, (Lakeside City) forms the core of the new development phase. It will become the major hub of entertainment and activity, including shops, restaurants and open-air cafés, surrounding the inland Marina, lakes and canals. Developments planned for this zone include new hotels, resorts and villas bordering waterways with private access to the inland Marina. All you see in the picture is just starting to grow!

This is the type of investment that after is gone, people will say: “I wish I knew then!”
Well, now you know!
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Friday, October 06, 2006
  Property: Plot with Viability for 3 townhouses at a great price.

Fresh in our books, this is a plot of land with 1763m2. With construction viability for3 townhouses with approximately 230m2 each, between garage, ground floor and first floor with pool.

This plot is located 2 minutes, north from Loulé, with excellent access, electricity and piping.

With the amazing price of only 230.000,00€, if your looking to make some money with minimum risk, this business is definitely for you, or… if your just looking for a lovely 3bedroom house in a nice area…for free, simply buy this plot, built the houses, sell 2 of them, and there you go!

Have a look at the pre-approved first sketches below and judge by yourself.

The front:

The ground floor:

The first floor:

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  Property: Great buy - plot of land for a 200m2 3 bedroom Villa

In a land where good Real Estate opportunities don’t come cheap, every now and them we stumble upon real bargains. That’s the case with this great plot of land.

With great access and 1380m2 total area, this plot is located 5 minutes away from the centre of Boliqueime and 25 minutes from Faro airport. Electricity is just meters away (bringing down the cost for power request).

The view is simply breath taking. Even though you’re just 100meters from “civilization”, you will experiment great peace in here, as there’s nothing in front of the property, but overwhelming landscape.

With viability for a 200m2, 3 bedroom Villa, at the price of just 111050€ and with a great location, you can’t ask for more.

Check the pictures and check also, a very accurate simulation of how much would be the total costs for a Villa in here. Just scroll down for your amuse.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
  Save $100,000 on Your Next Home By: Robert G. Allen

One of the most important principals of creating wealth is to own your own home. The average family pays full retail price for their average home without thinking about the enormous financial consequences of their decision.

Your house will be the BEST or the WORST financial decision of your life!

Let me show you how to pay wholesale prices for your next house.

It's easy when you know how.

Let's take a simple example:

A $100,000 house with a fixed rate mortgage of 8% will have mortgage payments of $733.76 for 30 years or 360 months for a total of $264,155. In other words,

$100,000 principal payments
$164,155 interest payments
$264,155 total payments for house

Technique 1 - Never, EVER pay retail for Real Estate

There are 9 ways to find bargain properties that you can buy at wholesale prices.I go into detail on these 9 ways in my new book, Multiple Streams of Income.
Using one of these methods, you set a goal to buy your next house at least 20% below market. I’m assuming that you’ll also buy it with little or no money down using the ideas in my all time best selling real estate book, Nothing Down. Therefore, you’ve saved $20,000 by using patience and some bargain hunting skills.

Technique 2 - lower price gives you an immediate lower monthly payment

Not only will you save an immediate $20,000, but look at what happens over thelife of the loan. By buying right, your new loan will be $80,000 instead of$100,000. This will lower your monthly payments from $733.76 to 587.01. That'san immediate monthly savings of about $150. Not bad. Over 30 years, thisamounts to $52,830 in interest savings! Now you can see how just a few smartmoney decisions can have enormous impact on your financial future. But let's not stop there.

Technique 3 - Negotiate the lowest interest rate!

Is it worth the hassle to shop around for a ‡% to 1% lower interest rate?Let's run the numbers. If you could get your mortgage for 1% less, your mortgage payments drop to $532.24...or about $55 less per month. Over 30 years this amounts to almost $20,000! Is that worth a few extra hours of shopping? Every 1/2% drop in interest saves you $10,000. Seller financing can be even more exciting than bank financing.

Technique 4 - Own your home debt free in half the time!

One of the most popular loans today is the 15 year mortgage. There are even 10 year mortgages. I don't recommend either of these loans. I recommend instead that you get the traditional 30 year loan...for the sake of flexibility...but that you voluntarily increase your monthly payment to the bank in order to payoff your loan much faster. For example, the previous example had monthly payments of $532 on an $80,000 mortgage over 30 years. By increasing your payments by only $187 per month, you will pay off that loan in 15 years instead of 30. And save yourself those last 15 years of payments. This will save you $95,000!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006
  Property: Centenary property for reconstruction
Here’s a rare piece of property: a Centenary Palace, located within the old city of Faro limits. Part of the medieval wall, that surrounded the city, is actually part of the property.
What can you Find Here?

600m2 of construction area, divided by 21 rooms and a private 530m2 gardens, surrounded by the centenary walls in total privacy. This garden features ancient trees and with a bit of work, can be turned into a paradisiacal retreat. Had it a pool and you can’t ask for a better place in the middle of the city.

The Property needs major repairs and it can be turned into one luxury mansion, or castle, for that matter. It can be turned into a small family, luxury condominium. Or it can be transformed into a nice B&B. It’s your call.

Back in 1858, the property owner; the Count of St.ª Maria Cape, whom was also the city President, had a watch tower built in the wall (still there, standing still). The purpose of that tower was to help communications between him and is Employees. This count was also the owner of a tuna fishing company. Whenever the fisherman’s would return from the sea, they would lift a flag. The colour of this flag would tell the watchmen in the tower, how many Kilos were fished that day.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
  Property: Rehab project on the beach

This is a commercial property comprising guest house, restaurant and apartment which has the potential to be converted to various other uses.
With stunning panoramic views over one of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve and the Atlantic Ocean, a better location for almost any enterprise would be hard to find.

This property offers an exciting challenge to someone with imagination and flair.
Situated atop the cliffs of the Beach, in the heart of this large resort by a bustling estuary town, this property has huge potential for the creative developer or entrepreneur during a time of massive growth in the area.
There’s a catch! This property is situated in the main strip, with massive night life most part of the year, only comparable to Ibiza. Now, how do you look at the cup? Is it half empty? Or is it half full?

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the beach to the South, alongside the main promenade to the North This incredible property is just waiting for its new owner to give it a new life.

Have a look at the pictures. If you like what you see and feel that this could be your project, just contact me.

The beach in front.

The building. The property actually finishes on the beach!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Real Estate Guide: Taking Photos of Your Home for Listings
If you are considering selling your property, you will need photographs for your marketing efforts. If you are going to take the photographs yourself, here are some tips.

I love reading National Geographic to see the amazing photographs of far off places I will probably never visit. I consistently play the lotto, but one has to be realistic. Regardless, the photographs are works of art and I often find myself wishing I could go to the location in the photograph. This is true even though I had no knowledge of the place until I saw the photograph and probably would have blanched had anyone suggested such a trip. This is the power of a good photograph.

Photographs of properties in marketing materials should inspire the same type of response from homebuyers. Make no mistake about it, your photographs represent the first impression, known a curb appeal, the buyer will have of your property. Given this fact, it is vital that your photographs present the best aspects of your property. Simply walking out to the curb and firing off a couple snapshots is a mistake of the highest order. Don’t do it!

At this point, you should consider using a professional photographer. They understand issues such as lighting, bordering, spacing and angles. Trust me, they are worth every penny.

Assuming you are going to shoot the pictures yourself, consider the following tips:

1. Lighting is critical. First, make sure there is enough light to detail what you are shooting. On the other hand, try to avoid situations where the entire picture is to bright. Strategic shadows in a corner can add definition and the impression of uniqueness.

2. If you have a view, make sure to take a picture of it. If the view can be seen from inside the home, make sure the photograph shows as much by taking it from the interior. You want the photograph to contain some evidence that the view can be seen from inside.

3. When it comes to the front of your home, don’t take a flat picture. A flat picture is when you shoot the home dead on. Stand off to one side or the other to give it some definition.

4. On interior shoots, add props to the room such as flowers. Make sure drapes and so on are positioned in an attractive manner. Hide all cords. Really hide all pets!

5. Experiment with angles. Taking pictures of your home is not a task to be done as quickly as possible. Take as many photographs as possible and then pick out the best. This is what professional photographers do.

Taking photographs of your property is hardly a difficult task. That being said, if you put a bit of thought and effort into it, you can make your listing stand out from the others on the market.

By: Raynor James is with the site - - FSBO homes for sale by owner.
Article Source:
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Thursday, July 20, 2006
  Property: Taste of Japan in middle of Algarve

This ground floor house is situated in Southern Portugal, Algarve. Built from 1991-1993 in combination of Japanese classical architecture with European luxury and American Standard, on 315 meters above the sea level, 24 km from the airport of Faro.
The built area is 500 M2 (five hundred square meters) of the most exquisite style among the modern villas.
The construction material is imported from Japan, USA, Italy and France.
One symphony of French Oakwood, Italian grey purple granite, Japanese black slate stone and African mahogany treated in Italy.

Gardens area of 3,500 M2 (three thousands five hundred square meters) in Japanese style is divided in three parts.

Before the main gate entrance to the garden there is a huge parking space, a stone garden surrounded by palm and pine trees, all around a wooden fence. From there you enter into a big garage with two remote control doors.

From the main entrance is another stone garden with very high bamboo trees planted around a pond with a waterfall, lush of fishes, and a wooden Japanese bridge crossing the entrance from the garage area to the main entrance of the house.

The second part of the garden is green with the highest bamboo I’ve ever seen. In the garden you can find ten by five meters covered swimming pool with heated air and water, what practically gives you the possibility to enjoy the swimming pool all around the year, during the day and night as well.
You will also find in the garden a separate house dimensions 3, 30 x 5, 50 meters presently a Meditation room, which could serve a new owner for different purposes. (Guest room, office, winter tea house or bedroom). In this part of the garden there is also an area with two original Brazilian hammocks, where you can enjoy the afternoon breeze.

The house is covered with security cameras and sensors that detect every movement around the house.
The villa contains four bedrooms; of these one is a master bedroom with fifty square meters. In front of the beds is a stone fire place imported from France. In the bedroom area there’s a Jacuzzi, a sauna, big walk-in closet and separate stone cabins with shower, toilet and washing basins, and another three bedrooms each with their own bathrooms.

Spacious living room with an open fire place imported from France, and very original sunken dinning area in front of an aquarium hundred eighty by hundred centimeters, built in the wall and receiving natural light from the outside.
Beside the main living area there is a tea room surrounded by Belgium tinted glass, with the view of the bamboo forest, and the swimming pool.

Among the other spaces there is a small dinning room with a bar and closed fire place.

By the garage area there are rooms for servants with a bathroom, additional kitchen, working room, and space for drying laundry.

In every room and kitchen as well, there is an air-condition unit installed for the heating and cooling, and also the house has modern central heating by oil.

The kitchen is built in Italian grey purple granite with two washing basins designed by a worldwide-known fashion designer. Owner’s good who’s name I’m not going to tell, because you wouldn’t believe me (let’s just say is first name starts with a ‘C’, and the last name with a ‘K’).

In front of the swimming pool there is an opened dinning area covered by natural Indonesian straw with a barbecue place, refrigerator and stone thirteenth century washing basin.

Included in the price of the property are: fully furnished rooms, two parabolic motorized antennas with receptions of 350 channels including all movies channels with decoders, HI-FI of the highest quality and ISDN & ADSL connections 5 phone lines, modern Siemens switchboard connecting all rooms by wireless interphone. Fully equipped kitchen with electronic cookers, washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, and all other kitchen equipment.

Asking price for this property: 725.000,00€ Why is this a good business? Considering the quality of everything inside and outside the house, the quality of the surroundings and the quality of life you’ll find in here, I know for sure, the property is well, well worth almost the double!

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  Property: Gorgeous 3+1 bedroom Villa with Moorish influence

As you arrive to the gates of this property, surrounded by tall trees and walls, it becomes hard to guess what to expect inside.
It’s only when you cross the first gates, revealing a parking area with 2 outside parking spaces and a garage, and arrive to the second set of gates, that the charm of this property starts revealing it self.
As you walk inside, you’re welcomed with luxurious and leafy green gardens, and you start noticing discrete Moorish influences as you head to the pool.
There’s not one centimetre of this 2000m2 property that hasn’t been carefully planned and covered with beautiful and healthy plants or grass.
The interior is equally appealing as there is plenty of natural light to enhance the clever features of this Villa; 1 bedroom, 1suite with dressing room, 1 master suite with a huge 40m2 dressing/bath room that also supports the pool…ideal for when you have visits, living room, laundry and storage, breakfast room, fully equipped American-style kitchen, indoor patio, total of 3 bathrooms, all ground floor.
Outside we can also find a nice barbecue, a gorgeous swimming pool with very pleasant covered terrace, a green area with volleyball net, a beautiful lake and a ‘granny-annexe’.
Just outside Quarteira, if there’s a place one can experiment the laid back way of living in the Algarve…this is it!
Asking price for this property? 845.000,00€. Is it negotiable? doesn’t hurt to ask…

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Monday, July 17, 2006
  Property: Commercial opportunity in the heart of Vilamoura

One of the last remaining commercial areas within, the heart of Vilamoura and close to the main hotels with a total combined area of approximately 1680m2. Parking is not a problem as there is an abundant parking space close by.

The area is divided in two, but can be joined up to create one spacious area. This space holds a license for gym or supermarket respectively but may be used for other commercial means as long as the project is approved.

The gym section comes equipped with an indoor pool and the pump-house is separate. A squash court with natural light, two reception areas, a gym zone for all workout machinery, WC´s for Ladies and Gents and with locker room area. 5 smaller rooms for steam bath, sauna and massage cabins. The entrance is visible from the main street and receives natural light as well.

The supermarket area has one office and WC´s for both Ladies and Gents and a small store room. A central extractor and inlet air system machine room is near the office room. One entrance visible from the main avenue and also receives natural light. The other entrance is situated at the back and may only be accessed by the property owners within the Aparthotel (Apartment Hotel).

This commercial area also comes with two underground parking spaces and one extra storage room.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
  Property: 4 bedroom apartment with stunning views in Quarteira

How would you like to wake up in the morning, step into your balcony, and enjoy this incredible view?
How would you like to seat down for a delicious and relaxed breakfast with the ocean breeze and warm, morning sun as your company?
How good it would be to know that the beach is just there, across the road, but for now…you’ll just enjoy your breakfast looking from above, from the 8th floor, to the spectacular view!
We’re talking about almost 400m2 between 4 Balconies (like the one in the picture), 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, hall, huge living room and dinning room, all topped with a 360º view over the sea, city and country!
Quality of life is what this incredibly 4 bedroom, duplex penthouse will offer you.
Just Check out the pictures!!

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Save $100,000 on Your Next Home By: Robert G. Allen

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